What is a Property Strategist?

If you’ve been thinking about Property Investment, you might have heard of professional consultants such as Property Strategists that can help you get started. But what is a Property Strategist and what can they do for you?

To ensure a smooth process in property investing, it takes more than buying a property and some luck. You need a team of experts to work with you along the way. This usually includes accountants, lawyers, property managers, brokers, and most of all, a good advisor – your Property Strategist.

Previously we discussed the issues of DIY investing and the amount of information and research that is required BEFORE you should even get started on property investment. A Property Strategist can be your guide along the way, right from the very beginning. It is important that you choose your strategist thoughtfully as you’ll be long term partners in this journey.

Here’s what your Property Strategist will do:



In this early process, your Property Strategist will discuss with you your future goals and dreams. Together you will determine where property fits into your long-term financial goals and set out a plan of how this can be achieved. Your strategist will then guide you through the selection and purchase of a property, through extensive market analysis and research in identifying areas with optimal growth and opportunities. This is a very crucial process and your strategist is key in helping you take the first step in the right direction, to avoid costly mistakes in the long run.



As your journey unfolds, your strategist with meet with you regularly to report on the status of your investment, review your situation, and discuss the potential of growing your portfolio for more opportunities to help you stay on track in reaching your goals. A good strategist would always be on the lookout for trends in the market, identify opportunities to grow your portfolio, and continue to analyse and assess risks rather than taking the back seat once the journey is on its way.



In the later stages, when you can see that your goals are within reach, your strategist will be there to advise on how to take an exit in the best possible way. Your strategist will help you create a plan to maximise income, realise your gains and how you can continue to maintain momentum now that you have achieved what you have set out to do. It’s not really the ‘end’ of the journey, as your strategist will remain partners with you.


Here at Smart Property Research, our philosophy involves extensive research to help you make informed decisions regarding the viability of potential property investments. As leading property strategists, we offer individualised property investment options which equate to a transparent simplified process – A SYSTEM (Save Yourself Time Energy & Money).

Contact us to find out more on how Smart Property Research can help you take the first step in your property investment journey today.


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