What Effect Is COVID-19 Having On The Property Market?

COVID-19 is something that no one could have seen coming; this is a time that we can be sure will go down in history. News outlets may be a little preoccupied right now with all that is going on around the world. However, you can rest assured though that we have researched the state of the property market in Australia and have provided some information for you.


Key Takeaways:

  • This crisis is short term (approximately three to nine months)
  • It is important to develop an investment strategy so as not to miss a rebound
  • Think long term (approximately 10 to 15 years)
  • The pandemic has impacted the global economy
  • Property markets are holding strong
  • Australian house prices surged 3.9% ahead of coronavirus outbreak


Investors Want Quick Returns On Properties

In the wake of the recent changes around the world, investors have come to realise that they need their properties to begin working favourably – the quicker, the better.

Moving on from a personal buying experience, it has become more important to be practical and focus on the results. It is here that CPGP Investments has made sure that all our properties are positively geared from the beginning.


Cautious Behaviour To Ensure A Positive Rental Experience

Investors need to know, now more than ever, that they can trust property managers to find responsible tenants. CPGP Investments, for instance, always interviews trusted property managers to be sure that they take care of your property investment.


Preferring The ‘New’ Over The ‘Old’

These days, more and more investors are becoming accustomed to ‘new’ versus ‘old’ when it comes to the purchasing of investment properties. A few of the supporting reasons that ‘new’ triumphs include:

  • Major savings on Stamp Duty
  • Gearing Laws which help to reduce holding costs
  • Extended periods without maintenance issues or unexpected costs
  • That ‘new house’ feel

Thanks to the experience that thousands of new home builds, as well as, other property types, CPGP Investments can assure investors that our builders ensure construction quality, superior building processes, as well as an assurance that there is a healthy respect for expectations that we maintain.

At CPGP Investments, we are here to support you and are equipped to offer assistance in all aspects of property investing. Check out our site today if you’re interested in more tips to help you navigate this turbulent time. Better yet, get in touch now.


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