The One Key Investor Opportunity that COVID Can’t Change

While the world is focused on the pandemic situation and how it would impact investors, there is an unprecedented wealth movement that even COVID cannot change.

This presents a key opportunity for property investors not to be missed. Read on to find out more!

Did you know, there are 5.5 million Australian baby boomers that currently control a staggering 53% of Australia’s wealth! We have reached a time where these baby boomers have approached retirement age and are becoming the drive to the unprecedented wealth movement that we’re about to uncover.




There was a time when the baby boomers had a large focus on the Australian dream of buying and owing their home. However, as they now reach the retirement phase, many are looking at downsizing and moving away from large cities to settle and enjoy a new lifestyle.

According to data, a large number of baby boomers, as much as 85% want to move to a new area, for the main reasons of:

  • sea change
  • affordability
  • lifestyle

What it means is this large number of Australians will be selling up their properties in large cities such as Sydney and Melbourne, then taking their wealth to the more affordable and relatively less crowded regional areas to resettle. This in turn will increase the demand on properties in secondary cities and regional coastal towns, posing a significant opportunity for investors, regardless of COVID or not!


How should you buy for the best performance?

Gone are the days when you purchase an investment property in your own neighbourhood so that you can drive past to see if the lawn has been mowed. A good investment property needs to start working for the investor as quickly and productively as possible. The decision of ‘where to buy’ requires investors to move from emotional decision making, to a practical strategy that focuses on performance and results. Now that we know there is imminent potential in regional areas, the next step is to identify where specifically the opportunities lie.

Also, it is more than just the location. Just by picking the right investment area doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, it’s equally important to invest in the right property type. It is not uncommon for investors to stumble upon a strong investment market, then sabotage their success by applying the wrong set of criteria in selecting the right investment property.

CPGP Investments has helped hundreds of investors identify and locate reliable property markets. We have developed a strict market selection checklist which immediately eliminates the high-risk, low performance markets, guiding our clients in narrowing their focus without wasting time, and to pinpoint the right property from the start.

If you want to take advantage of this key opportunity now, get in touch with the CPGP team to see how we can help you get started today.


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