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CPGP Investments' mission is to...

…educate and empower everyday Australians to proactively build wealth particularly with a view to retirement funding.

Whilst it’s nice to know that we are living longer and enjoying a healthier lifestyle, our retirement years now span between 15-25 years as opposed to back in the 1960s where retirement spanned only 3-5 years! However, more than 90% of all Australians retire on less than $400 per week, which doesn’t equate to living the great Australian dream!


CPGP’s investments offers a highly attainable and secure property investment solution, which is designed to identify where and when to buy. Why not give us a call on 0428 665 259, and arrange a time to discuss with our property strategist.

Our services are based on Education + Quality Investment + Simple Systems = Success

Our 14-Day Insight Program

Assessment Suitability
Personal Needs Analysis
Property Identification
Rental Appraisal
Assist With Finance Test Drive

Our investment property options represent affordable quality housing strategically located in high return regional cities, delivering the benefits of a well planned and executed investment strategy.

Our 3-step Research & Analysis Check-list is applied to potential investment Properties

The Numbers

Statistical analysis of investment potential, long term growth drivers and rental supply and demand factors of each and every investment property

Kicking The Dirt

In conjunction with statistical analysis we like to ‘kick the dirt’ to close the loop on our research. We visit target location, walk the land, talk with property agents and ascertain what the investment opportunity really is

Property Profiling

Now things get really exciting! At this important stage we identify what property type(s) best fit the established demand criteria, and then we create matching properties. We design floor plans, matched with inclusions and finishes to maximise investor returns. Contract terms are negotiated to ensure there are no hidden extras

CPGP Investments 15 Point Property Assessment Guide

Learn what to look for when picking the right property.

Our 15 Point Property Assessment Guide reveals the most important factors to consider when picking an investment property. 

Our range of newly built high yield investment properties all meet the following criteria:

  • Fixed price contract – No variations or surprise extra costs, guaranteed!
  • Capped interest
  • Tenant-ready
  • Quality Tenant Demand
  • Low Maintenance – Easy care landscaping, fully fenced backyard, window furnishings, light fittings and air conditioning
  • Potential Stamp Duty Savings
  • Reduced Price Depreciation Schedule – that can be given directly to an accountant for maximum tax claims for the dwelling.

How Do You Make Money from Investment Property?

CPGP Investments is here to help you start right on the right foot in buying first Investment Property. Here’s how you make money:

  • Growth in the value of the property – Capital growth refers to your investment property growing in value over a long-term period, therefore significantly exceeding the original purchase price.
  • Rental income and profits – Your Investment Grade Property yields a constant and secure stream of rental income. Often referred to as ‘positive cash flow’, you attain cash surplus after expenses have been deducted.
  • Tax Advantages – You can claim back most of the expenses related to the investment property; such as managing agent fees, council rates, and maintenance or repair costs. Our team of professionals will help you maximise the tax benefits that you are entitled to.
  • Growing Your Property Portfolio – When your property is steadily increasing in value and bringing in stable income, you can utilise the existing equity to buy your next investment property, and so on. Capitalise on the money you are making, so you’re one step closer to achieving financial freedom!

Looking for Investment Property for sale? Let us help you make the right decision with our easy and transparent Property Investment Process!

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