Investing – DIY or Team Sport?

Australians love the DIY culture, as evident in the popular home renovation TV shows and the prevalence of social media video tutorials that instruct everything from plumbing and coding to sewing and gardening.

However, when it comes to property investing, you need more than just a few DIY tutorials and most of all, you shouldn’t be doing this on your own. Often this is the biggest roadblock for new investors diving into the property investment market. Similar to the “Avengers” saving the world, teamwork is key, and each member has their part to play:


So, how should you assemble the quality ‘Team’?

  • Tax Agent– accounting is a special skill that goes beyond your home budget, an account can help you maximise returns by minimising tax and keeping documentation in order
  • Assets Manager– provides you with expert knowledge and helps you maximise your property’s value for investment purposes.
  • Financial Advisor– to ensure long term success, you’ll need advice with budgeting, retirement planning, insurance, superannuation, and management.
  • Lawyer – unless you’ve been to law school, you’re running the risk of not having a professional oversee the legal process of the investment property purchase.
  • Lending Specialists– you may have your favourite bank; however, a specialist can provide you with advice and better lending options.
  • Insurance Specialist– property is a large investment and it goes without saying, it should be protected from the unexpected. An insurance specialist can provide you with options on landlord insurance, including rent default, and property damage of theft.

As you can see, investing is indeed a team sport!


Where do I find my Team?

A good place to start is to engage the services of a Property Strategist. In addition to a great team, the Property Strategist is your long-term partner in the investment journey, similar to a good coach to a sports team, providing guidance throughout investment game and building the team.

CPGP Investments are leading property strategists with a proven transparent property investment process to save you time, energy, and money. Our philosophy involves extensive research with our team of experts providing highly experienced and knowledgeable guidance, assistance, and most importantly, the results that you’re after.

Let’s face the game with the winning team!

Contact us to find out how CPGP Investments can help you build your investment dream team today.


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