Case Studies

Infinity Consulting Group

Lorraine Nielsen

Licensed Buyers Agent

Director / Consultant – Business, Careers, Property Infinity Consulting Group Pty Ltd

“For over 5 years, Gordon and his team continue to consistently deliver relevant and comprehensive property research information, combined with access to suitable property selections, which are both ‘intrinsic’ to the value of my business and my client’s success for building their wealth through property.  We are proud to be professional business partners with CPGP Investments – success together which would not otherwise be achieved on our own.”

Concepts & Results

Phillip Scandizzo


Strategic Tax & Investment Specialist

“It takes a passionate person to deliver the support Gordon has provided to our business. Sourcing appropriate properties that fit the needs of what our clients are trying to achieve is a critical factor of ensuring the success of our business. Gordon has demonstrated patience and great communications skills which has made the transaction of buying property in a different state less daunting for our clients. He has given us the confidence to continue and build our relationship into the future and I look forward to working with him on a bigger scale.”

Anne Mulcahy

Gold Coast Qld

“We love investing in property, and when we heard Gordon’s presentation, we were converted from investing in city areas, to investing in regional areas with great return and high rental yield. Gordon’s team walked us through the whole process and made it easy for us to invest. Thanks for your help Gordon. Anne Mulcahy”

Paul & Cadie Loughland

Port Macquarie, Mid North Coast, NSW

“My family and I are very appreciative of the invaluable assistance provided by Gordon Rutty from CPGP Investments. Gordon has exceeded our expectations and helped us further our property plans by assisting us to purchase a number of great properties across Australia. We are glad that we have had Gordon on our side.”

Faye & Matt Roberts

Manly West, Brisbane, QLD

“I have personally found the services of CPGP Investments unique and very comforting as an investor. I think the main point of difference is his exceptionally high standards. The end result of this being, as an investor, your best interest is looked after all through the process and beyond, and you feel supported by a team.

Buying property isn’t always easy and straight forward, but with CPGP Investments I have found that no matter what obstacles we have come up against, and even years after completion of a property. Through my property purchases with CPGP Investments it has given me the confidence and knowledge as an investor to know this is absolutely the best way for me to continue to invest.”

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