We may all be feeling that times are tough, and home loans and credit are hard to come by these days especially if you’re in the market to buy an investment property. Even if your salary slip boasts multiple zeros and your credit score is one to be admired, there is never a 100 per-cent certainty that you’ll avoid financial issues or monetary delays when buying your first or thereafter, long-term property investment.

Whether you’re confident that you have all your financial ducks in a row, or even if you’re financially stuck but still hopeful, it’s beneficial to know of some alternative options for attaining the needed finance for your property investment purchase. If you are interested in purchasing real estate to rent out, it would be in your best interest to find out about an Smart Property Research investment grant that is available for a limited time to property investors who are looking to purchase an investment property.


Smart Property Research Investment Property Grant

Whether you are an established investor looking to expand your property portfolio or a first time investor looking at purchasing your first investment property, we’re certain you would find a $14,500 grant to put towards your investment extremely helpful.

The Smart Property Research Investment grant is available for a limited time and makes either goal achievable for permanent residents. While the grant makes the road to property investment possible, it does come with guidelines.

Having said that, there are a few points about the grant to take into consideration:

  • This grant is not means tested
  • This grant is not the first home owners grant
  • You can automatically qualify for this investment grant

The main factor to consider is, however, that the grant is only available for a limited time. So, don’t delay – whether you’re an established investor or a newbie – to invest in your property portfolio by taking advantage of this grant.


Some Persuasive Pointers To Encourage You To Start The Discussion

If you feel this grant will make it possible for you to purchase an investment property, you’re already on the right track. But you won’t know exactly how big and positive an impact this grant will make until you’ve had a conversation with an Smart Property Research property strategist.

The team behind our comprehensive investment property strategies and this unique grant opportunity want to see you grab the offer and make the most of it. You can have peace of mind knowing that we will be by your side from the beginning of your investment journey right until the end when the grant pays off.

Getting started on one of Smart Property Research’s properties is just the beginning. When you work along-side us, you can expect to enjoy financial support throughout the term of your loan, resulting in strong growth of your investment and a maximisation in the return of your rental as well. Positively geared right from the beginning, we can’t wait to chat to you and get you going. Please have a look through our blog here and read this ebook for more information.


Still Need More Advice?

If you have been contemplating purchasing an investment property and would like to know more about the Smart Property Research Investment grant to go towards your investment property, get in touch with our property strategists on the Gold Coast today.


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