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As Property Investment Strategists, we locate high performing investment properties to match your unique investor profile. We’ll provide research, strategies and recommendations to give you the confidence to build a profitable property portfolio.


Avg. annualised capital growth*


Avg. gross rental yield*


Avg. property purchase price*

35 years

Working in property since 1988.

*As of 2023. Includes all properties sourced for clients in the last 10 years.

Only 28.5% of Australian property investors own more than 1 investment property. This is largely due to poor buying decisions.

Unfortunately, many first time investors struggle to find investment-grade properties. They buy overpriced properties at the wrong time, taking $1,000+ per month (even while tenanted) from their salary just to maintain. This can deter, or even worse, prevent investors from continuing to build their portfolio.


Our clients, on the other hand, begin their real estate investing journey with a plan, one that aims to optimise all financial aspects of owning an investment property and sets them up to add their 2nd, 3rd or 10th property relatively easily.  This is the backbone to our impressive track record and is the reason most of our clients will purchase multiple properties with our guidance. 


Consider our expertise and experience yours. No question is off-limits. We encourage curiosity and learning so that you can become confident in identifying opportunities and analysing portfolio performance.


As independent Property Investment Strategists, our job is to work alongside you (and your financial advisor) to develop a strategy and source an investment property to suit your unique situation. This means, the information we provide is always unbiased and with your best interest in mind. 


Our strategies look at real estate through a national lens. We continually monitor all capital cities and regional markets in Australia to identify the best opportunities. Each of our property recommendations are tested using at least 15 factors.

Our Unrivalled Process

As full-time property investors, we are constantly looking for ways to optimise our personal experience as investors. So, it is only natural to systemise any breakthroughs in our buying process to ensure a heightened experience for our clients. Below, you will find 4 key components of what we do. 

The Numbers

We assess client suitability in relation to commitments and personal needs, carry out a goals analysis and then provide coaching and education involving property identification, rent appraisal and a finance test drive. There is often endless data to work through requiring the right skill-set and experience to extract information relevant to the real estate opportunity you are looking for. CPGP Investments does this very well, identifying potential growth drivers & supply and demand trends.

Our Research

It is very important that our clients have a positive experience from the outset and detailed quality research is paramount to the investment process. To ensure an investment property enjoys sustainable capital growth and is a good performer over the long term, it must attract good tenants and rental growth, and cost less to maintain. Our extensive property research encompasses the wider region, cities and suburbs that we invest in to ensure the infrastructure, rental return and potential for growth is certain.

Kicking The Dirt

Combining the numbers and our extensive research, we literally kick the dirt! Close the loop, targeting the right location that is going to provide the opportunity for leveraged sustainable growth and consistent return on investment. We assess important factors including rental demand, capital growth, town planning, local employment/industry, schooling and public services. These factors all contribute to securing a property that delivers on the full benefits of property investment.

Property Profiling

Now things get really exciting! At this important stage we identify what property type(s) best fit the established demand criteria, and then we create matching properties. We design floor plans, matched with inclusions and finishes to maximise investor returns. RESULT – you the investor owns an investment property that delivers the benefits of a well planned and executed investment property purchase. It’s the start to building a property portfolio that provides wealth and security for life!

What People are Saying

5 Star - icon
Ian and Mia Barr
Ian and Mia BarrQLD
Read More
I would highly recommend Gordon and his team. Gordon was able to find me an excellent property within weeks of engaging him and the property was tenanted the day I settled on it! Gordon is trustworthy, reliable and an absolute expert in his field!
Bruce and Sharyn CoffeeNSW
Read More
Our first properties, purchased in 2016, have nearly doubled in value. We have had continuous occupancy of both residences, with excellent tenants.
Dirk GardnerQLD
Read More
We have used Gordo from CPGP services a number of times & have referred him to friends as well. The service has always been professional, great to deal with and you can see he is passionate about making a difference in his industry. Highly recommend!
Nick Tatlow
Nick TatlowQLD
Read More
Great advice and opportunities for property investment with great returns - can even tailor to our budget - I never thought of investing outside of my own city. Thanks Gordon, Connor and team.
Faye Roberts
Faye RobertsQLD
Read More
I have personally found their services very comforting as an investor. The main point of difference is their exceptionally high standards. You feel as though your best interest is always being looked after and that you are supported by a team.
Troy PanuiQLD
Read More
I highly recommend reaching out to Gordon at CPGP Investments for expert guidance in strengthening your property portfolio. Their team offers tailored strategies and advice to support your future financial goals.
Paul and Cadie Loughland
Paul and Cadie LoughlandNSW
Read More
CPGP has exceeded our expectations and helped us further our property plans by assisting us to purchase a number of great properties across Australia.
Dan Cudmore
Dan CudmoreNSW
Read More
Sold one of our properties in March of this year which realised $25,000 more than our upper price range and achieved a 69% return on investment in 6.3 years [very happy with that]!


When it comes to identifying an investment property that is legitimately investment-grade (not just marketing hype), there are many factors to consider and most will fall into 1 of 2 categories: Where to buy and What to buy.


For where to buy, you will need to assess things like major infrastructure, new developments, market trends and affordability. The key to ensuring you don’t fall for any sales tactics here is found in the validity of the research. Is it comprehensive? Does it include data spanning multiple market cycles? Is there more than one source for the information provided.


For what to buy, our preferred source of information is independent highly regarded local property management teams. At CPGP, it’s standard procedure for our strategists to interview property managers located in areas we are investigating as their extensive local knowledge can be used to advise on preferred property layout, tenant demand and rental income.

While older properties may be suited to an experienced renovator or developer, for the majority of property investors, the vast advantages of buying a new property are hard to deny. Major discounts on Stamp Duty, the smartest use of Negative Gearing Laws (helping drastically reduce holding costs), long periods without any maintenance issues or unexpected costs, and that ‘new house feel’ that often attracts tenants sooner with premium rental incomes to match, all contribute to why you would consider purchasing a new property.

At CPGP Investments, our experience in the property market isn’t limited to just buying investment properties. In fact, a number of our Senior Strategists come from a construction and project management background which has proven invaluable in the development of our extensive screening processes. When screening any property or builder, we assess the types of materials, the quality of the construction and the building processes used to ensure all areas meet our high standards.

The first step in starting a property portfolio is gaining a good understanding of your financial situation and the likely costs to hold a typical property in your price range. Our suggested strategy is designed for people on average incomes (or above) but is self-paced and progresses as and when you can afford it. CPGP Investments will help you assess the likely costs to buy and hold a property using our cash flow analysis software, and our approved finance brokers can advise on your lending ability. It’s important that you feel comfortable with the financial commitment before you begin investing. We have helped many first-time investors, some of those like Pete, who was worried about being on a single income. But, using the right strategies, he was able to add 3 investment properties to his portfolio in only 3 years, without impacting his take home income or lifestyle.

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raises interest rates to curb inflation. We have recently been through that period. Whilst we don’t have a crystal ball, the latest commentary from experts is that we have now reached the peak and it’s expected that rates will settle for a period before a downward trend begins.


With that being said, when it comes to investing in property, the most successful investors will always stress test potential property acquisitions and their portfolio as a whole. It’s procedure for our strategists to run performance simulations to demonstrate the impact adverse market scenarios (i.e. higher interest rates) would have on your portfolio. These models are then used to identify effective strategies and the best properties to suit your unique circumstances.

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Whether you’re still exploring what’s possible, you need help narrowing down your strategy or you’re searching for the perfect high performing property to suit your budget, our strategists are happy to help.

CPGP Investments 15 Point Property Assessment Guide

Learn what to look for when picking the right property.

Our 15 Point Property Assessment Guide reveals the most important factors to consider when picking an investment property. 

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